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How to Join DYHM (Dominican Young Hearts Movement)


Requirement for reception into DYHM

Candidates for membership must fall within the age range of 14-25 years.

Membership shall terminate on the 40th birthday except member becomes a mentor (cf. Statutes 4.4.3bi)

Must be practicing catholic and communicants.

Must love prayer and have a deep desire for study, especially scriptures and be willing to share the word of God with other.

Must be known to be known to be of good behavior.

Must have a written approval of parents or guardians.

Shall purchase, fill out and submit a registration form (cf Art. 10.v.

Must belong to only one other society in the church.

Shall partake in introductory workshops and seminars.

Shall be a personally interviewed by a coordinator or instructor.

Shall undergo a retreat before reception into DYHM.


Formal Reception

i.  The first reception into a unit of DYHM shall take place during any liturgical         celebration of a local Christian community (e.g. in a parish or chapel).

ii. The reception ceremony shall be as stated in the appendix ll.

iii. Those who are thus formally received become members of DYHM.

iv. The reception is followed by at least three years of probation.

v. The probation period is to be an experience of formation into Dominican spirituality for young lay people. Thus formation ends at the completion of the seminars and the successful undertaking of a comprehensive exam.


Probation Period

i. The probation period shall be a formation in Christian doctrine and Dominican spirituality

ii. The formation shall consist of four seminars based on the pillars of the Dominican life: Community life, Introduction to study, Prayer life and Preaching.

iii. The duration of the probation depends on the completion of the seminars.

iv. At the completion of the seminars and success at the comprehensive exam, member shall become instructors (cf. Art. 8.4.2)


Types of Membership

There shall be three types of membership: Regular Active Members (RAM), Active Remote Members (ARM) and Mentors.

Regular Active Members (RAM)

This category of membership refers to those who are actively involved in the unit group and participate regularly in the programmes of the unit group. They are identified by the personal commitment to the goals of DYHM, both privately and publicly.

Active Remote members (ARM)

  1. ARMs are those who are unable to participate regularly in the activities of the unit group, either reasons of distance, work, education or relocation of family.
  2. They shall participate in certain unit group programmes by postal correspondence or the internet
  3. They shall continue to pray the office daily.
  4. The formation of ARMs while they are away shall continue according to the circumstances which should be known to the coordinator and the unit congress (UCon).
  5. To become an ARM, a member shall apply to the coordinator, stating reasons for the request. (cf. Appendix V)
  6. The coordinator shall forward the application to the unit congress for consideration.
  7. The UCon shall then consider the application and discuss with applicant before giving a written approval having obtained the consent of the coordinator whose signature is required.
  8. The approval shall be based on the member’s willingness to continue formation while away.
  9. A suitable formation programme is to be worked out UCon with such willing members.
  10. A specific apostolate shall be given to each ARM.
  11. As determined by the UCon, ARMs shall send written report of their activities to their unit group
  12. The procedure for becoming an ARM is to be affiliated from a unit group to another.


  1. They are those who have been active members for at least three years.
  2. To be a mentor, one must belong to any of the following: i) attainment to the age of 40 or ii) entrance into the married or religious life or priesthood iii) completion of DYHM basic formation.
  3. Unit groups’ coordinators belong to this category of membership while they are in office.
  4. A mentor, if lay, must be an active member of a lay Dominican community.
  5. They shall be called upon for instruction of members in specific areas (cf. 8.4.2)
  6. Private spiritual exercises are still obligatory for such members (cf. Art.6)
  7. They are not obliged to attend DYHM meetings.



Formation here is intended to be an introduction to Dominican life and spirituality. Its has been designed to lead gradually and steadily to maturity and readiness for membership into the lay Dominican fraternity. Therefore, the formation in DYHM is a preparation for possible choice of a Dominican vocation as a lay person.

Stages of DYHM formation

1. Pre – reception

2. Probation

3. Full Membership



As a stage in the journey in the Dominican life as a lay person, DYHM formation is taken care of through weekly formation seminars. These formation ends with a written and oral exam. Success at this exam completes the DYHM basic formation. At this completion, they automatically become full members and instructors of DYHM. Full members who are at least thirty (30) years old are free and eligible to apply for membership in a lay Dominican fraternity.

a)      Weekly Seminars

i. There shall be four categories of seminars in accordance with the four pillars of the Dominican Life: Community, Prayer, Introduction to Study and Preaching.

ii. There shall be a single compilation of the formation syllabus in which the themes, topics, scope, resources and method of formation are contained.

iii. The seminars are to be done in this order: Community Building, Prayer life, Preaching and Study.

iv. Community building seminar shall be completed before reception into an existing unit group

v. Prayer and preaching seminar respectively shall begin after reception into an existing unit group.

vi. There shall be an instructor to direct each category of the seminar according to the prepared syllabus.

vii. A weekly formation seminar shall not ordinarily exceed two (2) hours.

viii. The basic format of the weekly seminar shall be:

  1. Lauds or Vespers (15mins)
  2. Lecture (45mins)
  3. Experiences to share (25mins)
  4. Weekly tunes (optional 5mins)
  5. General Discussion (15mins)
  6. Announcement (10mins)
  7. Concluding prayer (5mins)

b)      Bi-monthly formation workshops

These workshops are media learning in practical ways.

i. There shall be six categories of workshop based on various aspect of life of a Christian youth that need development.

ii. Every two month, formation workshop shall be conducted by an instructor or an invited professional in the desired field of knowledge or skill.

iii. Each category shall be divided into several series to address specific issues.

iv. The format of the workshop shall be determined by the instructor.

v. The workshop categories shall:

  1. Spirituality
  2. Leadership
  3. Education
  4. Creativity
  5. Preaching and Communication
  6. Doctrine and Morals

c)  Monthly Truth Conference (MTC)

The MTC is basically a youth fellowship except that it is modeled after the morning or evening prayer of Dominicans. Provisions have been made for the uniqueness and peculiar needs and interest of youths. The programme is intended to be a prayerful encounter of DYHM members along with their invited friends. There is no successful MTC without the presence and participations of non-members.

Order of Proceedings

  1. Opening songs (5mins)
  2. Chanting of Psalms (10mins)
  3. Lectio Divina: Scriptures/reflection (10mins)
  4. Spiritual Talk (30mins)
  5. Group sharing (optional 15mins)
  6. Tunes from the heart (pre planned 5mins)
  7. Spontaneous intercessory prayers (15mins)
  8. Choosing of prayer partners (10mins)
  9. Report from previous MTC (5mins)
  10. Announcement (10mins)
  11. Concluding prayer (5mins)

The conference can be monthly or bi-monthly, according to the conditions that makes it possible, and its impact on lives of those who attend it. The magnificat, song of Zachariah and Te Deum will be taken according to the liturgical feast or season. the conference will also promote the use of breviary for both public and private prayers.

Full Membership

This stage is attained by members who have successfully completed the basic formation in DYHM (cf. 5.2.2). It is from these members that instructors shall emerge (cf. Art 8.4.2.)


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