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Most of us members of the Dominican Young Hearts Movement are adolescents still living under our parents and dependent on them. A smaller percentage are young adults who are mostly students of Tertiary Institutions.

Besides obligatory monthly dues, and other initiatives to raise funds locally, our members are unable to financially take care of all the beautiful things we wish to do. We rely on your material ans spiritual support as well as your generous financial donations in order to be able to administer our groups at the local and National levels.

There are many activities and events that require transportation from one part of the city to another as well as ocassional long distant travel; purchase of office and writing materials, organization of meetings, seminars, workshops, etc well as regular communications through various media available including mobile phone networks and the use of the internet.

We solicit for benefactors and benefactresses to pledge a token amount of money to support us monthly. You will receive news about our activities and how we spend the funds we receive. Please support us! If you would like to be a regular benefactor of DYHM, you can reach us through the contacts below:


Please direct all financial donations preferably paid directly into our National Bank Account:

Bank: Diamond Bank

Account Name: Dominican Young Hearts Movement, Nigeria

Account Number: 0030976417


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