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Where Are We?

As the 'little ones' of the Dominican Family, we do not exist on our own. Our existence as groups of young people is as a result of the efforts of the friars and sisters. Naturally, we exist within the convents of the Dominican friars or sisters who are also responsible for our doctrinal and spiritual formation.

We thank the friars and sisters for the way the open their arms to us and allow us to use their facilities besides the time and other resources the spend on us.

Below are the Priories or convents where you can also find a group of the Dominican Young Hearts Movement. 


1. St. Thomas Aquinas Priory, Samonda, Ibadan.


2. Dominican Sisters Novitiate, Ogungbade village ,Ibadan


3. St. Dominic Priory, Yaba.

4. Dominican sisters' Convent, Mafoluku


5. Our Lady of Fatima House, Gusau


5. St Paul House Oyigbo, Rivers state


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