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We are part of a worldwide movement called the International Dominican Youth Movement (IDYM) which is made up of groups of young lay people from different parts of the world. As Dominican Youths, we live our mission inside the Dominican Family. We value the Dominican way of life and we strive to keep Jesus Christ at the center of our lives; thus, Prayer, Study, Community life and preaching are the pillars of our lives.

As young preachers responding to the call of Jesus Christ to proclaim the Truth to all men and women of the world, we try to use various means and opportunities to preach God’s Word.

Hospitality, mercy, friendship, the search for the truth through study and prayerdialogue, service to others and our living together according to the values of the Gospel, define all IDYM groups and are our methods of preaching.

We rely on the Holy Spirit who moves us to work for justice.

IDYM in Nigeria is known as the Dominican Young Hearts Movement (DYHM). We were registered under the IDYM in 2000 when the first DYHM Unit Group was established by dominican student friars of St. Thomas Aquinas Priory, Ibadan. 

Ibadan has since then become central to the activities of DYHM Nigeria. The Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Sienna at Mafoluku in Lagos also independently started a group of dominican youths which was eventually united as part of DYHM. Today there are eight (8) DYHM local communities or unit groups all over the country.  We have a National Council consisting of six (6) executives who coordinate the affairs of the groups in Nigeria. For each DYHM community, there are coordinators and instructors (usually friars or sisters) who act as teachers and guides for the group.


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