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I greet you on this first day of the year 2017. Like everyone alive, I am grateful and thankful to God for life and where we are as a movement.

In a very special way, on behalf of the Council, I want to thank everyone of you members of DYHM, the Provincial, our Coordinators, Priestand Sisters who work with us, ourBenefactors, the NaCon local organizing committee and indeed everyone who has contributed to the growth of DYHM thus far;may the good Lord continue to bless and strengthen you.

2016 for our movement was filled with many achievements. We had two members represent us in France at the IDYM meeting for the first time and had the 7th National Congress. Since the election of the new council, we have had:

The first online newsletter.
A vibrant website.
An annual workplan.
physical National Council meetings.
Compiling of monthly activities of unit groups.
Visit to one of the four budding groups.

As we march into the new year, let us remember who we are, what we stand for and why we are here. Let us not lose sight of the core reason for the creation of this arm of the Dominican Order or our individual reasons for joining the movement.

We look forward to a 2017 free of the flaws of last year, free of laxity, free of non-commitment to the goal. Instead, let us be filled with zeal and enthusiasm for the goals of our movement,let us strengthen the bonds that has made us brothers and sisters in this journey. Let us work harder at improving ourselves to be better equipped for the task which we are called to.

I sincerely hope that we will make better use of the facilities e.g website, libraries, secretariat etc., which are at our disposal; that we will be more involved in our unit groups and national activities; that we will support our leaders and work closely with our Coordinators; that we will collaborate in every way possible with other arms of the family and groups or organizations in the achievement of our goals; that we will develop increased respect for one another, including older members of our group; that we will reach out more to inactive members and show genuine concern for the welfare of our members.

Finally, as a people of prayer, this year will be more rewardingfor our movement if we commit to God and our father Dominic all our activities and aspirations. May God bless us all.

Hearts aflame…  



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