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COMMUNAL PREACHING- the Dominican way. The life of our Father Dominic
is one that is always captivating to study. It inspires better
Christian living and journey towards sainthood. He is outstanding in
his humility, love of silence (the guardian of contemplation),
gesture-filled prayer and love for souls.
Humility- a deep knowledge of God's majesty and our nothingness;
Silence- a bridled tongue and openness to hear God's voice;
Prayer- constant communion with God, the weapon with which he
converted many souls;
Love- generous self-sacrifice and charity.
These virtues stand out in the life of our Blessed Father. We should
imbibe them in our journey towards heaven.

As we celebrate our Blessed Father today, I call our minds to the
importance he placed on community life. Like the early Christians in
Acts 4:32-35, he encouraged his brothers to make their shared lives a
"holy preaching". United as a community they excelled, reaping the
fruits of fraternity. Community life ensures communion with God and
focuses our hearts  on God's kingdom. It is an expression of faith, it
is an image of God's truine love and an appreciation of the gift of
one another. Community is the platform on which the other pillars of
Dominican spirituality are grounded. Community life nourishes prayer,
creates an atmosphere for study and is the home of preaching. It is a
community, and not just an individual who preaches. The individual
preaches in the name of  and from the shared experience of the

Let us continue our blessed Father's dream of having men and women,
old and young who would draw strength and inspiration from a shared
life, shared experience of the Gospel and preach together. The
Dominican Young Hearts Movement is our opportunity to praise, preach
and bless God in one another and show God's love and mercy to the
Have a wonderful feast day.

Umenwobi Anthonia Chinazo.


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