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INAUGURAL SPEECH by the National Coordinator

A Bright and Hopeful Future!
The Dominican Young Hearts Movement (DYHM) Nigeria is in a period of transition, revival and renewal. This was the ambience that pervaded the seventh National Congress of our great Movement. As some of our staunch members transit to another phase in their lives, we bid welcome to a new crop of young and vibrant members.

There were a lot of new faces at the Congress. These are faces of hope; faces of a bright and glorious future. They are the hope of the Movement’s future. It is in this light that I extend a warm welcome to our youngest unit groups in Emene, Iba and Unilag. The future is indeed very bright.

As we celebrate the success of the Congress, we should remind ourselves of our call to preach. We are called as always to PREACH, not just to others, but first to ourselves. As preachers, we are all like a cup. Despite our gifts, talents and skills, our preaching cannot be effective if that cup (s) is not filled with the One of whom we seek to speak. It is, therefore, imperative that we internalize the message we preach. This is of great importance in our time and age.

Experience has shown that we will never feel fully prepared to preach and unless we are proactive, we may never preach. Preaching is an ongoing process and a cycle – study, pray, preach. After the encounter, study some more, pray, preach again and repeat the cycle.

With all these in mind, I call on you, my friends and brethren, let us join hands with one another, for the call that is ours is not one to be taken lightly. Together let us rise above the challenges we face as individuals and as a group. Let us push ourselves beyond any limitation and barrier in our way. Let us fan this fire of revival and renewal into flame in our lives, in our unit groups and in DYHM Nigeria.
God bless. Hearts aflame, with the Truth.


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