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DYHM Unit Group
Blessed Imelda Unit Group, Ogungbade Village, Ibadan, Oyo State…

The movement started in September, 2010. This was a motivation to begin a youth movement as a means to train the youth in a Christian doctrine. the movement was introduced after the confirmation of the young ones in St Dominic Catholic Church. This was an avenue to help deepen the spiritual growth.

Sr. Juliana Okafor, OP endeavored to initiate the promotion of the movement by organizing programs that attracted the confirmed youths, even those yet to receive the sacrament of confirmation.

The venue of the meeting is at the Dominican Sisters convent since the intention of the pioneer was to have the movement where the Dominican community is situated in order to impact the Dominican spirituality on lay associates.

At the first meeting, eleven youths were present.  At subsequence meetings the number of youths increased. The coordinators were Sr. Juliana Okafor, OP , Sr. Patricia Elebeke, OP and two novices in the person of Chinenye Ekwealor and Ogechukwu Eze. The unit group was named after Blessed Imelda because of her style of life modeled on Christ. This will serve as a challenge for the youth in living a good life and the choices they make every day.

At the beginning of the movement the prayer meeting holds on Saturday at 3.30 p.m. they seized the opportunity to learn about the Dominican spirituality; prayer, study, fraternal life and preaching. they were introduced to the statue of the Dominican Young Heart Movement(DYHM) and many other documents of the Church that will help them to grow spiritually, give them a sense of morality and enables them to make right choices in all walks of life and in every situation. it was also an avenue for them to learn altar decorations from the sisters.

Presently, the meeting is holding on Sundays after mass because of their engagement in the school.

On 6th January, 2013, about ten of us were initiated after t he intensive preparation by our coordinators. We had our probation forgone year. lt was enriching and  many workshop was introduced to us.  We have four of our members, who are Remote Active Member (RAM) as a result of gaining admission into University and seven of our members are active members. We have recruited new members, who are undergoing formation. In the absence of sr. Patricia, we also have a new coordinator, who is Sr. Ogechukwu op. and Martha Etafo.

Below are the officers of the unit group:

The Dean          Adewumi Bolaji

Deputy Dean    Apata Joseph

Scribe               Odinuta Chinazor

Syndic               Odinuta   Chimee

Ambassador     Adeoye    Thomas

At present the unit group is growing with the help of God. There is a cordial relationship among the coordinators and their members. There is also a lot of progress, both morally and academically. For example many of our members have grown in self awareness and in their relationship with God.

We appreciate the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has led us far, to Him be glory for ever and ever.


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