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DYHM Unit Group
St. Raymond of Penyafort Unit Group, Mafoluku, Lagos…

The birth of the movement was at the International Dominican Youth Movement in Sassone, Italy on the 23rd of August 2000 after the World Youth Day in Rome, Italy in that same year. Two delegates from Mafoluku unite group represented the Dominican Youth movement (Nigeria), in persons of Leonard Onumonu and Eucharia Okoye. The sole purpose of the Movement is to ensure Young Lay people share the life style of St. Dominic.

On the 15th of October 2000, the movement Dominican Youth Movement (DYM) was officially established in St. Jude Catholic Church Mafoluku with 10 members under the guide and help of the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena, Mafoluku.

The Movement formally known as the Dominican Youth Movement had a change of name to the Dominican Young heart Movement (DYHM) after much deliberation on name of the Movement in Nigeria between the Dominican Youth Movement, Mafoluku Unit Group and the Dominican Young Heart Movement, Ibadan Unit group in 2001, but for the sake of uniformity we agreed to the proposal and so came the name "The Dominican Young Heart Movement Mafoluku Unit group.

The Movement had her First reception on the 30th of March, 2003 after a week workshop/ Seminar that took place on the 24th of March to 29th of March 2003 with its guest Speakers in the persons of Rev. Fr. Sylvanus Op, Rev. Fr Abiodun Ademoye Op, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ezike Op, Rev Sis Margaret Hussain Op, Rev Sis Mary Christie Ajanaku Op, and Bro George Adesanya.

However the First Reception took place inside the Church at the 11: am Mass and was officiates by Rev. Fr Gilbert Thessing Op, under the coordination of Rev Sis Mary Christie Op, thirty two members were receive as members of the of unit group.

Furthermore, the group at a point suffered hiccups as a result of Admission into Schools relocation, marriage, e.t.c.  Most members were in school and some moved out of the Environment and so the movement became short of members, but nevertheless the Movement went on with its activities with its few members and participate in the National Council Meetings that was scheduled at the pastoral center Ede in Osun State were Immaculate Igwenwanne and Francisca Aiyenuko represented the movement as its delegates.


In addition, the Council came to an agreement in order to revive the group back to life and to differentiate the Active Members from non active members and also to create awareness for incoming members, there will be a re-reception of the active members and so the re-reception came to being on the 18th of December 2005, only three candidate were receive in persons of Immaculate Igwenwanne, Enendu Patricia Ifeoma and peace kelechi unaegbu under the Cordination of Sis Maria Lucia Abgoifo Op. The movement since then has been waxing stronger with its achievement like acquisition of library and its Materials, Instrument for Praying like organs, Drums, Tambouries, e.t.c.


The movement now has benefactors & benefactress and new members


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